This is your online portal to launch OBITUARY NOTICES.  This site is created for breaking saddening news quickly.  To facilitate this, updates in this portal will be carried

out every hour - round the clock.  Now you can get your obituary news faster to all your relatives, friends, colleagues and loved ones at home and abroad.  You need not wait for the next day to notify them as in the past.  This portal will be an indispensable source to all bereaving families who waste lots of time trying to inform families through phone calls of the final send-off.  Most importantly to inform all those who have known the deceased.

  • Instantaneous response
  • Save on time and costs
  • You manage your time

Former  President Suharto dies at 86...


I know the emptiness in your heart.  I have experienced the lingering sadness and sudden memories that invade the mind of loved ones who lie motionless - I know of the emotions that has no control in seeing the loved one is now gone forever.

Sooner or later we all lose one to death.  When you lose a loved one it punches a hole in your heart that never seems to heal.  Regardless of who you have lost, a parent, spouse, child or a friend, they should not be deprived a "Last Good-bye" from all those who have known while alive.

Click "POSTING" and submit.  If you need assistance Click "HELP".  If you want to know our charges click "PAYMENT" Bereaving families of NSMen or their official representative may post an Obituary Notice for FREE.

Posting of Obituary Notices in this portal is 24hrs.  Please ensure that relevant clearances and documents are obtained before proceeding with the posting.  All approved notices will be posted within 3-Hours of Notification.

On-line Notification of Notices is monitored 24hrs.  By submitting you agree to the Terms & Conditions and that you are obligated to act upon them.  Any attempt to post false information is an offence and will be referred for prosecution.

The information in this web-site is likely to be viewed and read by the public.  While every reasonable care is taken to respect the privacy of the deceased, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness of the content.  Nor do we accept any liability for any contract or arrangement made between the Advertiser and any third party named in this web-site.

* All details to be published in this website must submit a photocopy of the I/C of the Advertiser; Original death Certificate of the deceased; Scanned passport size photograph. By you submitting the necessary documents you authorise and indemnify the Portal from any loss or claim as a result of this posting.

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You should be aware of your rights to any of these information related to a deceased member in a family.
  • Kidney
  • Eyes
  • Heart
  • and more...

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